World Health Organization Establishes WhatsApp Line For Combating Coronavirus


As part of the fight against the new type of coronavirus, the World Health Organization has set up a WhatsApp line, accessible to users from all over the world. This line contains many necessary information from questions that users are most curious about to travel suggestions.

The World Health Organization (WHO) continues to fight the coronavirus outbreak, which it has recently announced as a pandemic. Announcing that coronavirus vaccine tests have started in this process, WHO has repeatedly underlined that the public should be conscious about this issue. The organization, which continues its various activities in order to raise awareness among the people, has applied to technology as one of the most effective solutions.

In this solution, the WhatsApp Coronavirus Information Line was established in cooperation with Facebook and WhatsApp. This line, which can be accessed by billions of people with the number “+41 79 893 18 92”, hosts the latest statistics about the epidemic, what to do to protect, travel suggestions and many other questions about the epidemic.

Users can find answers to many questions they are looking for here:
Users of this line, developed using machine learning technology, can write ‘Hi’ to enable speech and access a list of questions they may ask about Covid-19. At this point, you have to use some numbers in order for the artificial intelligence to perceive the question you are asking. Here are the numbers you need to use for the question about the coronavirus.

1. Latest statistics

2. Protecting yourself

3. Answered questions

4. Correctly known mistakes

5. Travel advice

6. News & Press releases

7. Share

8. Donate


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