World Health Organization director covid-19 outbreak


The director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom, said on Monday (07) that pandemics are part of history and covid-19 will certainly not be the last disease that humanity will face. The director believes, however, that the world will be better prepared to face pandemics.

During his speech, Adhanom highlighted the importance of public health systems that, for him, are the basis for responding to outbreaks of infectious diseases. “Part of the commitment of each country to rebuild better must therefore be to invest in public health, as an investment in a healthier and safer future,” said the director.

Role of governments

In a health crisis, however, this is not the only important factor. The population’s confidence in their governments is also a key point in combating diseases such as covid-19. WHO was asked about the messages and signals sent by the Brazilian government during the pandemic.

Positioning of Brazil

At the beginning of the virus transmissions in the country, there was a great minimization of the disease on the part of the President of the Republic Jair Messias Bolsonaro who was involved in several controversies, such as the undue recommendation of hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of patients. This Monday (07), the president was still seen without a mask during the ceremony for Independence Day in Brasília.

“Communities need to hear coherent and consistent messages from leaders, this message needs to be clear and governments need to follow what they say,” said WHO emergency director Mike Ryan.

“Vaccines save lives”, says WHO

On Friday (04), the organization stressed that “vaccines save lives” when asked about a publication by the Presidency’s Communication Secretariat that said it could not “force anyone” to undergo immunization.

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In addition to the vaccine, the emergency director also commented on the reopening of commerce in the country, such as gyms and beauty salons. “Good governments build community confidence by providing them with verified and evidence-based information,” he said.


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