World Health Organization Announces Coronavirus Cannot Hang in the Air


The World Health Organization made a statement on the contagiousness of the new type of coronavirus in a post from its social media accounts. Stating that the droplets cannot stay in the air, WHO emphasized the 1 meter rule.

The new type of coronavirus epidemic, which has seen a large increase in the number of cases recently, has brought life to a halt worldwide. Because of the virus, which is known to be easily transmitted from person to person, people closed their homes. One of the most curious questions about the virus known to be easily transmitted from person to person is whether it is transmitted by air.

Although many experts have so far expressed different opinions on the subject, an important statement has been received from the World Health Organization (WHO). In the sharing made via WHO’s official social media account, it was stated that the coronavirus cannot be carried by air.

‘The droplets are too heavy to stay in the air’:
It was also stated that the coronavirus could not be carried by air, and the droplets were too heavy to fall in the air and immediately fell to the ground. At this point, it is said that the people who carry the virus touch the face, mouth or nose without disinfecting after touching the breathe with their hands and the infected surface within 1 meter.

The droplets are too heavy to stay in the air and fall to the ground immediately, requiring continuous disinfection of the surfaces. On the other hand, frequent washing of hands with soap and water also plays a major role in virus protection.

Touching on the point of how the virus can be transmitted from person to person in the easiest way, WHO underlined that the virus was easily transmitted during coughing, sneezing or speaking. At this point, it was emphasized that the simplest and most important thing that people can do to protect themselves from the virus is the 1 meter rule.

The new type of coronavirus, whose case numbers have been gaining momentum recently, has been infected by 681,706 people worldwide. On the other hand, according to the latest data, 7,402 people have been infected with coronavirus in our country and 108 of them have died.


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