World-famous fashion brand shows off confusing “Pixel” clothing


The world-famous fashion brand Loewe staged a show with pixel clothes that looked like they came out of Minecraft.

While the projects of the metaverse aimed at uniting the real world and the digital world caused a huge stir around the world, one of the sectors that focused most on this issue was, of course, the fashion industry. Recently, an event was held demonstrating the attention of the fashion industry to the digital world.

Loewe, who organized the show as part of Paris Fashion Week, showed her pixel clothes on models. Hoodies, T-shirts, trousers and tracksuits on the models consisted of pixel by pixel, which we are used to seeing in games.

Loewe Pixel Clothing Show:

In particular, with the introduction of the Facebook metaverse project (with the new name Meta), interest in this sector has increased significantly. Brands such as Prada, Balenciaga and Thom Browne have uploaded their outfits to the Meta avatar store; Gucci has signed an agreement with Roblox and opened its own virtual store, and Balenciaga has signed an agreement with Fortnite and offered players its in-game clothing.

Of course, we will be able to see what place the metaverse and similar projects will take in the future, but we will wait. Although many projects continue to be developed today, it will take time for these projects to be accepted by ordinary users.


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