World Famous Doctor Mehmet Oz Explained How To Protect From Corona Virus


Dr. Mehmet Öz shared his plan for protection against Corona virus. Mentioning what can be done to protect against Corona virus in his shared plan, Öz also explained how to wash hands.

The common fear of the whole world since the beginning of 2020 is the Corona virus. The virus spread in many countries shortly come out in Wuhan city of China, also spread to Turkey as of yesterday. In the statements made by the Minister of Health, Fahrettin Koca, it was stated that the Corona virus was detected as a result of the tests made to a citizen. The minister announced that the patient, who closed the Corona virus, was at a very early stage.

Corona virus confirmed in Turkey by citizens of how the Corona virus began to do research on that is hedged. There is a guide on this issue that the Ministry of Health has already announced. Now, in addition to this guide, the world-famous Turkish Doctor Mehmet Öz has explained the things to be done in order to be protected from the Corona virus.

The fact that the statements made by Mehmet Öz are versatile, reveals at least how we should live until the risk passes. If you wish, let’s look at the details of the plan prepared by the world-famous Doctor Mehmet Öz for protection against the Corona virus without further ado.

Mehmet Öz’s plan to protect against Corona virus

Lifestyle and hygiene
Mehmet Öz says that some changes in lifestyle can be made to protect against the Corona virus. In this context, adequate sleep, exercise, improving the quality of breathing air and meditation are among the things you will do to protect against Corona virus. Mehmet Öz; It also suggests meditation to get 7 hours of night sleep, half an hour of exercise, fresh air and support the immune system.

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According to Mehmet Öz, the hygienic measures to be taken against the Corona virus; not shaking hands, touching the face, increasing the hand washing time 3 times and the surfaces were not disinfected. All the recommendations of Mehmet Öz on this subject are already given by all scientists and officials. But Mehmet Öz explains how to wash hands with a video he shared on Twitter.

The right hand washing guide of Mehmet Öz

Preparing for the epidemic and supporting the immune system
The “preparation” section of Mehmet Öz’s plan to protect against Corona virus lists the precautions to be taken despite the virus becoming an epidemic. In this context, Mehmet Öz; It states that prescription and non-prescription drugs should be stocked, disinfectant materials such as toilet paper and soap should be provided for at least two weeks and foods with a long shelf life should be provided.

The corona virus is a problem directly related to how strong the immune system is. Therefore, the immune system needs to be strengthened and Mehmet Öz gives the following recommendations in this regard; consuming excessive consumption of vegetables and fruits, taking C, D3, zinc and beta-glucan and getting black elderberry and flu vaccine. If you also want to do something to protect yourself from the Corona virus, you can consider Mehmet Öz’s plan.


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