World Championship Series In Pokémon GO: How To Register To Participate, Dates


Pokémon GO: We tell you all the information we know about the series of Championships that will lead to the Pokémon GO World Cups next year 2022. Preparations for the Pokémon GO World Championships in 2022 are already underway. Be it live competitions or regional and international championships, various rewards and cash prizes await the best coaches in the world. Therefore, below we will tell you everything you need to know about this Championship and its previous preparations so that the date does not miss you and you have the opportunity to participate and thus test your skills with the Niantic game.

Pokémon GO Champions Series registration date

Registration Date: Online registration for the first events will open in January 2022.

How to register and requirements

In order to register for the Pokémon GO Championship Series events, we will need to link our Pokémon GO account with a Coaches Club account (later this year 2021) and have a Play! Pokemon. Linking this account will be independent of the account linking system used to log into Pokémon GO. That said, we found two types of records:

Early Registration: Players who achieve Legend rank in a GO Fighting League season will be able to register first for certain events through a short early registration process.
Open Registration: When the early registration period is over, the remaining slots will be opened for players of any rank.


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