World Beats Daily Case Records 9 Times in October


While pharmaceutical companies and universities around the world are running out of time to come up with vaccines that effectively combat the spread of the new coronavirus, records related to covid-19 unfortunately continue to be broken – and in October alone, there were at least nine of them . If on 10/4 327,964 new cases were registered around the globe, on 10/24 the number reached an impressive 468,409.

The evolution of the curve occurs at the moment when Europe faces the second wave of contamination – having become, again, the epicenter of the disease -; the United States continues to wage a real battle against a significant increase in infections (which reached 85,085 on 10/23); and China fears the resurgence of the outbreak in its territory, with 137 new registrations and the launch of a massive testing campaign in the northwest of the country (which examined 4.75 million inhabitants of the city of Kashgar and its surroundings, in Xinjiang province ).

According to the World Health Organization, 46% of last week’s detections occurred in the Old Continent, which accounts for a total of one-third of deaths caused by Sars-CoV-2. Specific and localized containment actions were carried out in an attempt to curb the situation, but, having little effect, they were converted into tougher measures in several regions.

One example was the German decision, taken on Wednesday (28), to partially paralyze a series of activities for a month, as well as to close restaurants, bars, leisure facilities and cultural institutes, including operas and theaters, during the period.

France will follow, starting this Friday (30/10), a similar path, because, according to President Emmanuel Macron, the country is in danger of being “dominated by a second wave that, without a doubt, will be more difficult than the first. ”

Check out the highest numbers registered this month:

10/04: 327,964 new cases
10/08: 353,322 new cases
10/09: 360,664 new cases
10/10: 390,745 new cases
10/16: 401,249 new cases
10/17: 412,681 new cases
10/22: 441,857 new cases
10/23: 456,936 new cases
10/24: 468,409 new cases


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