Works for 5G phone with Honor Qualcomm

Huawei divested Honor to keep Honor in operation and to protect its employees. Honor, now an independent organization, is also excluded from the sanctions imposed by the US on Huawei. Thanks to this freedom, Honor will be able to work more freely with Qualcomm and other American companies.

According to reports from China, Honor is collaborating with Qualcomm to develop a phone with a 5G processor. It is currently impossible to say anything about when this phone will become official.

Honor’s roadmap ranks first with the V40 series. MediaTek is considered to have a Dimensity 1000+ processor in the V40 series, which is expected to be introduced in January. Under normal circumstances, this series is expected to be introduced in December, but the promotion was delayed due to the separation process of Huawei and Honor.

Honor will be able to cooperate freely with Qualcomm compared to the former roof company Huawei. Although Qualcomm has also obtained permission from the USA to work with Huawei, this partnership only covers 4G phones.



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