Workout Smartwatch: 5 Resources To Help You Exercise


The smart watch category has been around for a while now and there are several models to choose from. One of the biggest appeals for this product is its ability to help users in physical activities, especially because of its features in this area.

With that in mind, we decided to separate 5 features that are present in a smartwatch for training. In addition, we will also indicate some models and highlight the functions that can help you to have a healthier life.

Sedentary lifestyle alert

One of the most useful functions of a smart watch is one of the simplest: the sedentary lifestyle alert. This feature simply notifies you when the user is inactive for too long during the day, especially sitting in front of the computer or television.

Heart rate monitor

Individuals who have a pressure-related problem – such as hypertension, for example – need to keep an eye on their heart rate. Athletes who want to further improve the benefits of their workouts can also track this indicator to keep their heart rate closer to ideal.

The heart rate monitor is a feature on virtually every sports smartwatch. It is a resource that has evolved a lot and is now able to offer a good monitoring parameter.

Step, distance and calorie counter

One of the most interesting features of a training smartwatch is its counters. Most models can record steps taken, distance traveled and calories expended during the day. These are important metrics for exercisers, especially when setting goals to be achieved. A good idea is to set a goal of taking X steps during the day or burning Y calories.

Sleep monitor

An important part of a healthy lifestyle is sleep. Sleeping well can contribute a lot to health, especially for those who want to maintain a regimented training routine. The Bluetooth smartwatch category has sleep monitoring capabilities, indicating the quality of rest hours.

Some watches alert you if you are sleeping less than you should. Others are already able to identify the moments of light and deep sleep, and give tips on how to improve your rest.

Training mode

Finally, the last function we would like to highlight has everything to do with physical exercise. The various training modes present in a sports smartwatch help and motivate the user to perform some activity.

Some modes are very specific and only present on some models. Other functions, such as running and walking, for example, are part of most smart watches and will help those who want to start a physical activity with monitoring of their results.


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