Working on a Finger-sized Corona Virus Vaccine


A team of researchers from the University of Pittsburgh is working on a very flexible and very flexible vaccine that will add a new dimension to the fight against coronavirus. This vaccine, which has a very low cost, can meet the needs of the whole world in a short time if it is put into mass production.

Researchers from all over the world are working on many different vaccines to fight COVID-19. Even if the vaccine is ready, one of the biggest problems is to be able to deliver the vaccine to all people, which requires at least 4 billion vaccines to be produced. At this point, a research team from the University of Pittsburgh aims to produce a vaccine that will make the coronavirus vaccine available worldwide in a short time.

This piece, as small and flexible as the fingertip, can give a new dimension to the fight against coronavirus. The most crucial point that distinguishes the vaccine, which contains about 400 small needles, each of which is a human hair thickness, from classical vaccines is that it has the potential to become available worldwide in a short time.

It has very low cost compared to other vaccines:
Professor of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and Head of the Department of Dermatology. Louis Falo said that if the vaccine developed by the team is ready, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will provide the COVID-19 protection we need if it is approved through the skin. Underlining that the vaccine that is under development does not cause any bleeding, Falo also states that there is no reason for people to be afraid of this vaccine.

According to the research team, the vaccine is painless, just a simple detail. The main benefit of the design developed at this point is that vaccines can be produced very cheaply and do not need to be kept cold for transportation or storage. In addition, the need for any healthcare worker for use is another important detail that improves the potential of the vaccine.

Production of the vaccine is very easy and fast:
Stressing that the epidemic has spread all over the world, Pittsburgh University Surgical Professor. Andrea Gambotto thinks we need more than 4 billion doses of vaccine in such a situation. This shows that we need too many vaccines that cannot be produced in a short time, but it is very easy to scale this type of microneedle they developed according to scientists in Pittsburgh.

So much so that researchers say that they can now make up to 100 doses per day, even with only one employee. It is possible to exceed this number thousands of times by continuing the production in an industrial laboratory environment. Speaking about the speed and ease of production of the vaccine. “We can distribute this very quickly, globally, globally,” Falo said.

Although this vaccine design sounds quite logical, like all other vaccines, it has to undergo clinical trials. At this point, experts think that the entire approval process can take months or even a year or more, even if the necessary funds are provided and the vaccine is developed.


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