Working on Ethical Rules for Using Artificial Intelligence in Wars


The U.S. Department of Defense has made some decisions regarding the use of artificial intelligence technology on the battlefield. Adopting a number of new ethical principles, the Pentagon said that the decisions made by automated systems should be ‘traceable’.

Artificial intelligence is used in more fields day by day. The need for manpower disappears with the use of artificial intelligence in some sectors . Now the Pentagon is on the job to use artificial intelligence in the military. Accelerating the use of artificial intelligence technologies on the battlefield, the U.S. Department of Defense adopted new ethical principles.

New principles; He wants people to adhere to appropriate levels of decision and attention when using and activating artificial intelligence systems that scan aerial images to search for targets. On the other hand , it is among the principles that the decisions taken by automated systems should be ‘traceable’ and tested.

Artificial intelligence moves from the USA:

Ministry of Defense officials have outlined the new US approach to war today. The statement said, “the use of artificial intelligence raises new ethical uncertainties and risks,” the statement said.

Lucy Suchman, who worked in the role of artificial intelligence in the war, referred to the ‘appropriate’ statement in the Pentagon’s statement and said it was open to any interpretation.

The Pentagon’s decision to artificial intelligence worried:

The principles came after recommendations made by the Defense Innovation Board, led by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt last year . Schmidt had argued that artificial intelligence has many benefits over the harms.

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In the meantime, let’s also mention that the Pentagon launched the ‘Air Combat Development’ program to effectively use artificial intelligence in close air combat last year. The program aimed to automate close-range air combat using artificial intelligence technology and increase the concentration of pilots for larger air fights.


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