Work begins for paid Twitter subscription


New developments continue to occur regarding the paid Twitter subscription system. After some recent CEO statements, the details of the surveys with users have now emerged. Apparently, Twitter is preparing to take serious steps towards the subscription system.

User surveys for paid Twitter started

According to new information, Twitter is working together with users related to the subscription system. Accordingly, new questions about paid systems have been added to the surveys conducted with users.

It seems to be trying to find out which of the new features to add to the questions in the surveys related to the paid Twitter subscription system.

As it is understood from these surveys, Twitter does not want to make the platform a fully paid system. It seems that users will be asked to subscribe with additional features and ad-free structure. It is also possible to say that additional features such as more personalization options, various new tweet features and advanced tweet analysis are being offered.

Apparently, Twitter will progress decisively on the income model on a system that social media platforms have not tried before. How this process will end has become a matter of curiosity. More detailed information on this subject will continue to be brought to the agenda in the future.

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