Words of 5 letters, starting with KX


Players need the skills to solve any Wordle puzzle in the allotted six attempts, and the talent to solve it in the first few attempts. And although word problem lovers already have a process of how to solve words much faster, some Wordle puzzles, such as today’s one, can overwhelm them and silence them. Worse, players may lose their series of solutions if they are careless with today’s puzzle.

This becomes even more challenging when players realize that they will be blocked from the puzzle of the day if they miss six attempts of this code. Below are some tips that players can consider.

What does it mean

Fortunately, players can find the answer to the Wordle puzzle by its definition. Contextual hints obtained in this way can help puzzle solvers crack the code of this puzzle much faster. This word usually refers to textile fabric, which often has a brownish-yellow color. This fabric is often used in a military setting, especially for clothing. However, clothes corresponding to this style are also associated with the word, as is the color itself.

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Technical hints

Players who are a bit stuck on what to do with the meaning of a word may want to get more hints to better use it in the context of solving puzzles. This can be in the form of additional hints, such as technical components of the word. Thanks to these hints, players can combine them with the definition of a word to solve the Wordle puzzle. Here’s what to consider:

The word has two syllables. The two letters of this word match. This word is of Persian origin, and its original definition means “dust” or “dusty color”. The word is an adjective.

Suggestions for beginner words

Gamers who love Wordle know that today’s puzzle is more than it seems at first glance, in addition to its definition and technical use. In this regard, it is useful to learn about some initial words that players could use to simplify the decision process. Here are a few words to pay attention to:


Words of 5 letters, starting with KX

If the players are still stuck in this puzzle despite the hints given above, then perhaps the last clue, the words closest to the solution, can point the players in the right direction. The current Wordle puzzle starts with KH-, which is not common in English. In fact, there are only 15 five-letter words in English corresponding to this configuration. These are the words, including the solution of the puzzle:


Wordle can be played through a browser.


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