Wordle 414: August 7, 2022 Answer


A new day brings players a new Wordle puzzle, and today’s one should not cause any particular problems for most. Despite the large number of words with similar suffixes, the daily word today can be easily composed within the six guesses provided by the game. Today’s answer does not have an overly saturated number of words with the same suffix, as in Wordle answers ending in “ING” or “ED”, but there are enough similar styles that can cause a few vain guesses.

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Guessing game once a day is still popular among puzzle lovers, even a physical version of Wordle will appear soon. With the advent of social media in the early days of 2022, Wordle cemented its place in people’s morning routines, and many of them are still playing this game. Despite many other copycat games, Wordle is still one of the most popular daily puzzles.

Today’s Wordle Tips (August 7, No. 414)

Some players just need extra help, here are the daily hints to Wordle #414.

Hint 1: There are no duplicate letters in today’s Wordle. Hint 2: Today’s answer may mean a mark about what was done carelessly. Hint 3: This word can also explain the damage to someone’s reputation by false accusations or slander.

If these hints weren’t enough, Wordle’s completely messed up answer is given below.

Today’s Wordle response (August 7, No. 414)

Wordle’s response from August 7 is SMEAR.

Today, for our Wordle game, we used the standard initial word IRATE. This gave three letters in the wrong places: “R”, “A” and “E”. For our second guess, we mixed them up a bit and tried RAGED, which added nothing new except more wrong places for each letter. Our third guess was a little wrong, since we put the letter “A” in the already proven wrong place, we tried PEARS. At least it gave a new letter “S” and really started to determine which letters should go where. For our fourth guess, we chose ESKAR, this fixed “AR” at the end and left only one possible place for “E” and “S”. There are a few words that it could be, and since there are only two assumptions left in today’s game, we tried to SWEAR that it was wrong. Switching between SHEAR and SMEAR, we knew we had to make a choice, and luckily we made the right choice and got Wordle win-in-six with SMEAR.


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