Wordle 392: July 16, 2022 Tips and Answers


The word Wordle from July 16 should not cause any special problems for most experienced players. Despite one little trick, players who have strong starting words will be able to complete the daily game without any problems. The word is also quite common, which always helps, and doesn’t have any extreme tricks up its sleeve, such as common prefixes or suffixes. Once the players understand the obvious, today’s answer will no longer be wrong.

For those players who prefer a more complex puzzle, Wordle offers a challenging mode, which can be accessed through the options menu before starting the game. This mode blocks letters and prevents players from guessing random words based on previous hints. If the letter turned out to be correct, it should be used in each subsequent guessing. The same goes for the letters that turned out to be incorrect, they will be blocked for further use. In fact, it can help reduce the number of guesses some players make every day, as it forces the player to use more critical thinking, instead of relying on simple word guessing just to try other letters.

Today’s Wordle Tips (July 16, No. 392)

Before completely messing up Wordle’s answer today, we’ve given some tips to help those who just need a little nudge in the right direction.

Hint 1: Today’s Wordle answer does contain a repeating letter. Hint 2: This word can be used to describe something with a lot of space. Hint 3: Another use of today’s answer may be an alias for someone who lives with you.

Wordle’s response from July 16 is A ROOM.

Another fairly common word for July, ROOM, means exactly what it looks like, a space with a lot of rooms or something spacious. For our initial Wordle word today, we used IRATE, which gave an incorrectly placed letter “R” and a lot of incorrect letters. Our second guess was POURS, which moved the “R” to another wrong place and provided our first correct vowel with an “O”. Knowing that we had used up all the other vowels, we immediately assumed that the letter “O” was somehow repeated in today’s answer, so for our third guess we chose a COLOR, this proved that there were two letters “O” in today’s answer, and only one real place remained. for ‘R’ to go. Finally, we ended it with a win out of four and the correct answer, ROOM. Another Wordle word is carried over to the next one.