Wordle 388: July 12, 2022 Answer

A new day is coming, and a new Wordle is ripe and ready for players to solve today. The word of July 12 will not jeopardize any player’s long-standing winning streak and should be a quick and easy victory for most. Despite its simplicity, some words can trap players due to too many answers and not enough guesses. Verbal words ending in “ING” or “ED” can cause a lot of problems for players, as there are too many options to choose from.
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Some players prefer a more difficult time in their puzzles, and for such people, Wordle has a difficult mode that can be activated through the options menu before starting the game. This mode simply blocks previous hints and forces the player to use these hints. If it has already been proven that the letter is correct or is correct in the wrong place, it should be used in subsequent guesses. Same with the letters shown as incorrect, they are locked from the keyboard and players will no longer have access to them. This keeps people from using different combo words just to establish a lot of information right away, but can help with the number of guesses used as the game now requires more critical thinking and less guesswork.
Today’s Wordle Tips (July 12, No. 388)
For those players who just want a little nudge in the right direction, here are the daily hints followed by today’s totally fucked up Wordle answer.
Hint 1. There are no duplicate letters in today’s answer. Hint 2. This verbal word is often used to describe when it’s dark outside. Hint 3. This word can also be repeated twice when you wish someone a good night’s sleep.
Today’s Wordle response (July 12, No. 388)
Wordle’s answer from July 12 is NIGHT.
An incredibly common word, which, I hope, did not cause any particular problems for many players. For our initial Wordle word, we used IRATE, which provided “I” and “T” in some incorrect positions, as well as a large number of incorrect letters. This led to our second guess GLINT, which fine-tuned the rest of the game by providing “G” and “N” in the wrong places, another incorrect location for “I” and the correct placement of “T”. Knowing where “I” can’t be helped us find the right answer and gave us a Wordle win in three with a NIGHT. These simpler days can be well buffered between the more challenging puzzles that the game offers, as it’s always nice to get a quick win and feel satisfied at the beginning of the day.