Wordle 372: June 26, 2022 Answer


Another Wordle puzzle is prepared and ready for guessing, and today’s answer should not cause players much trouble. Wordle is a simple word guessing game whose popularity has increased dramatically due to its simple gameplay, one—day nature and excellent ability to share on social networks. While people may not find ambiguous colored boxes with emoticons scattered across the social media landscape, Wordle is still an incredibly popular game with a strong base of players who have woven the game into their daily lives.

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For those players who prefer more complex things, Wordle has a complex mode, which can be accessed through the options menu before starting the daily game. This mode will force players to use previously provided hints by blocking letters that turned out to be correct, or blocking those that turned out to be incorrect. This creates a need for much more critical thinking on the part of the player, since there can be no vain guesses about answers that are clearly wrong. For those who prefer an even more challenging version, there is a Wordle copycat called Quordle, in which players solve four Wordle puzzles at the same time. This can be very difficult for those who can only focus on one thing at a time.

Today’s Wordle Tips (June 26, # 372)

Some players prefer to try a little before just giving up and reading Wordle’s botched answer, so for such players we give some tips that will help.

Hint 1. There is no repeating letter in today’s answer. Hint 2. This verbal word can be used to describe something that hasn’t been done for a while and may not be so good anymore. Hint 3. Christmas holidays, the character of actor Johnny Galecki. often called by this nickname.

Today’s Wordle Tips (June 26, # 372)

Wordle’s response of June 26:

Rusty can mean something infected with rust, or a skill disrupted by a lack of recent practice. For our initial Wordle word today we used IRATE, which gave some very good hints. A correctly placed letter “T”, an incorrectly placed letter “R” and a large number of unused vowels. From there we tried ROOTS as our second attempt, this fixed the correct placement of the “R” and added the incorrectly positioned “S”. This also left us with only one possible vowel “U”. Using all this, we solved today’s Wordle in three attempts.