Wordle 371: June 25, 2022 Answer


Another day, another Wordle puzzle to be solved by the players, and June 25 is no different. Fortunately, today’s word is not too complicated and should not cause any particular problems for players who want to protect their long-standing winning streaks. For those new to the game, Wordle is a simple word guessing game once a day in which players are asked to solve a random five—letter word in six guesses. Every time a word is guessed, the game will give hints in the form of colored rectangles. If the field is green, the letter is correct and in the correct position, yellow means that the letter is correct but in the wrong position, and finally gray means that the letter is completely wrong. Using this information, the players continue to guess the words until the answer is found or all the chances run out.

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Since the game gained popularity in early 2022, a large number of Wordle imitators have appeared. One of the most popular is the Heardle, in which players try to guess a song by playing only the first second. The players will have six chances, and with each chance a little more song is played. Despite the fact that Heardle is not a word game, it is compared to Wordle due to its obvious plagiarism and the fact that it is used once a day. With so many one-day puzzles, players can organize their own morning puzzle-solving routine and start each day with a little brain burner.

Today’s Wordle Tips (June 25, No. 371)

For those players who just need a little help, here are some tips before Wordle’s totally messed up answer.

Hint 1: There are no duplicate letters in today’s answer. Hint 2: This word Wordle may refer to someone’s small round eyes. Hint 3: Today’s answer uses the two most commonly used vowels, and the one that is only occasionally a vowel.

Today’s Wordle response (June 25, No. 371)

Wordle’s response from June 25 is BEADY.

For today’s initial Wordle word, we used IRATE, which provided the correct placement of “A”, incorrect placement of “E” and several incorrect letters. Our second guess was pretty good, we chose BEADS. It gave us everything we needed to just jump in and win three wins with BEADY. Sometimes this is how Wordle works, one simple guess can push the player to the correct answer, although it wouldn’t be too difficult to solve without a successful guess.