Wordle 367: June 21, 2022 Tips and Answers


Another Wordle word is ready for players, and today’s word should not cause any particular problems for most. There were a few difficult words during June, and this is about in the middle of the package. It’s not a very common word, but it’s definitely part of the usual vocabulary of most people. It also helps that it doesn’t fall into the trap of a common suffix, it’s not a Wordle word ending in “ING” or “ER”, so once a few letters are detected, the rest should be pretty easy.

For those players who prefer a more complex version of Wordle, there is a great Quordle copycat game. This game is essentially Wordle multiplied by four, players will need to guess four different Wordle puzzles at the same time. Every guess takes a place in every puzzle, so there is a talent to balance which game to focus on at what time. Each puzzle will give its own individual hints, so solving the whole game can create quite a difficult task, fortunately, the game gives players nine chances to guess instead of the usual six in Wordle. There are so many other copycat games out there nowadays, but Quordle is definitely one of the most challenging.

Today’s Wordle Tips (June 21, No. 367)

For those players who just need a little nudge in the right direction, here are some tips to help, followed by Wordle’s answer today.

Hint 1. There are no duplicate letters in today’s Wordle answer. Hint 2. This word can be used when someone is too complacent about their success. Hint 3. It can also be used to express great satisfaction about the unhappiness of others.

Today’s Wordle response (June 21, No. 367)

Wordle’s response from June 21 is EVIL.

Schadenfreude, of course, can be a common occurrence when a person is fixated on another misfortune, or when a person succeeds in something, then rubs it to another person. And despite all our Wordle wins here at Screen Rant and our incredibly long winning streak, you’ll never notice how we gloat about it. For our initial Wordle word today, we used IRATE, in which the letters “A” and “T” were in the wrong place, as well as several incorrect letters. Our next guess was TAFFY, which gave two more wrong places for the letters “A” and “T” and even more wrong letters. For our third guess, we tried BLOAT, it blocked “A” and “T” and provided two more correct letters and easily led us to a magnificent Wordle victory in four with GLOAT.