Woojin’s agency presents evidence of harassment rumors


10X Entertainemnt has responded to the accusations against Woojin and released photos to prove his innocence in the harassment case in which he has been involved.

After the rumors of sexual harassment that pointed to Woojin on social media began to spread, this idol announced that he had found a new entertainment agency to continue his career. 10X Entertainemnt released a statement in defense of Kim Woo Jin and below we will tell you what it says.

Through their Instagram and Twitter accounts, 10X Entertainemnt reported that they will take action against those who are spreading the accusations against Woojin, but also shared some photographs that according to the agency would prove his innocence.

According to the experience revealed on Twitter by one of the victims, a photograph slightly shows the person who attacked him. It is about someone who is wearing a gray sweater similar to the one Kim Woo Jin wore in an Instagram image, so it was pointed out that both photos corresponded to the same day and that this would be one of the evidence that accused the idol.

But 10X Entertainemnt posted an image revealing the date Woojin’s photo was taken (not posted). In the same way, they revealed what was on the idol’s phone reel with a time close to that of the story that accuses him, showing that the stories do not match because Kim Woojin was at home.

Despite this, some K-Pop fans have questioned the veracity of this report and the agency’s accounts, since they were created recently, after rumors about sexual harassment began to gain traction, but what is It is true that Woojin is following this account on his social networks as a sign that it is the company he will be working with from now on.

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