Woojin Released in Sexual Harassment Scandal


Kim Woojin, a former member of Stray Kids, is currently a hot topic of conversation on Twitter. Based on PeekSeleb’s observation on Tuesday, September 8, 2020, the name of the idol who was once under JYP Entertainment topped the list of trending topics for the country of Indonesia.

This began with the recognition of the owner of the Twitter account @ a1b3c4s9, who was sexually harassed by a Kpop idol from South Korea’s top 3 agency (Big 3). No half-hearted, he gave the initials of the name as well as the agency where the idol belongs.

It is known that the nicknames of the top 3 agencies are kept by SM, YG and JYP. What is the chronology like? Check out the reviews below.

On Tuesday, September 8, 2020, the owner of his Twitter account @ a1b3c4s9 shared his heartbreaking story. She confessed to being sexually abused by a man who is said to be a Kpop idol.

“I was once harassed by an idol loved by fans. Now, his friends know who he really is and they got hurt,” wrote Twitter account owner @ a1b3c4s9.

Chronology of Sexual Harassment Found at One of Itaewon’s Bars
Then the victim explains the chronology of being sexually assaulted. One day he went to a bar in the Itaewon area of Seoul with his friends. The perpetrator approached the victim to ask for a drink and a chat. At that time, the victim refused the perpetrator’s invitation. However, the perpetrators still persisted. The perpetrator suddenly touched the victim’s body without permission.

“We already told him we didn’t want to chat with him or go out. But he tried to survive and began to touch our bodies without permission, ”the victim wrote.

The victim wrote that the perpetrator often boasted the name of his group, worsening, the perpetrator touched the victim’s hip and asked him to ‘do something’ with it. Then the perpetrator got angry and said dirty words as the victim always refused.

Victims Reveal Their Sexual Harassment Identity

In a later tweet, the victim explained that the perpetrator of the sexual harassment was a K-pop idol who had left the group and currently does not belong to any agency. Because of this, the victim actually feels sorry for the former group of the perpetrators who continue to be dragged into, even in this problem.

“I want all fans to know what he really is. But I’m not a famous person, so I can’t say anything. People will only blame us, because we go to bars and get drunk, ”wrote the victim.

Finally, the victim revealed the identity of the perpetrator who had a name starting with Woo and came from one of the largest agencies in South Korea. Among others, SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, or YG Entertainment.

Suddenly Kpop fans immediately suspected the figure of Woojin, who was a former member of Stray Kids, the group formed by JYP Entertainment. Woojin himself has left the boy band that raised his name since October 28, 2019. At that time, the agency did not tell the reason for kicking the idol.

Due to the large number of netizens who tried to attack the victim, his Twitter account @ a1b3c4s9 has now disappeared. He had created a new account with the username @ b5gd537t, but now it’s inaccessible.

Until this article was written, there has been no official statement from Kim Woojin’s side regarding the suspicion of being involved in a sexual harassment scandal. Meanwhile, the name of the former member of Stray Kids still tops the list of trending topics on Indonesia’s Twitter.


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