Woojin is innocent? 10X shares new evidence


The former Stray Kids member’s agency released information that could prove Woojin’s innocence. Only a few days have passed since some social media accounts accused Woojin in their stories of being harassed, however this idol responded to the reports by denying the rumors that revolved around him and 10X Entertainment has backed him up with some evidence.

After saying that he did not know the people who were accusing him and that he had not done what the anonymous users indicated, Woojin announced that he had plans to return to music and for this he was already working together with the agency 10X Entertainment.

It was 10X Entertainment who released a statement announcing that they would take legal action against defamation against Woojin and also shared screenshots from the photo gallery on the idol’s phone as proof of his innocence.

Many fans questioned the veracity of the agency that had just created its social media accounts, but 10X Entertainment showed Teen Vogue the documents that endorse its license as a company registered in South Korea since August.

In communication with said medium, 10X Entertainment revealed that the photo that was used as evidence in the stories that accuse Woojin was an image obtained from the internet and that actually corresponds to someone else’s social networks.

This fact was confirmed and the image is still available on Instagram, where it is appreciated that the original post was created at the end of August.

The agency said they are seriously investigating the previously denied allegations, noting that they will take legal action over the rumors affecting Woojin’s image.

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