Woojin and Jungwoo rumors involved in sexual harassment


Later there was a rumor that was stirring K-Pop fans around the world. This rumor began to become a hot topic among fans after an anonymous account posted a tweet on Twitter.

In the tweet, these netizens admit to being victims of sexual harassment by popular K-Pop idols. As he wrote, “I was sexually assaulted last December at a nightclub in Seoul. Seeing other people talking about this made me dare to talk about it. ”

He then explained the chronology, “Me and three other friends of mine decided to go to a popular nightclub in Korea in December. I actually feel more comfortable going to nightclubs in Korea than in America because I heard it’s safer in Korea. But I was wrong. ”

“I was drinking and chatting with my friends, then I felt a hand holding my thigh. To be honest I thought that it was my friend, but I just realized that it wasn’t my friend because his hands were getting down. I turned around and saw their faces covered with black masks and my heart was beating fast because I knew who it was. ”

“I know this man, millions of people know who he is. I listen to the song. I can’t believe I’m writing this because I vowed not to tell anyone. I even told them in my limited Korean to stop. They didn’t care and their hands were getting down and closer, so I pushed them and left. ”

“I honestly wanted to think that he only did this when drunk and wouldn’t do it if sober, but I still feel disgusted every time I hear their names,” he wrote.

Even though these netizens claim not to want to reveal the name of the idol, there is a Twitter account with the username @ fiQAPTzBGKDe79p which reveals the names Woojin, ex-Stray Kids and Jungwoo NCT.

Woojin and Jungwoo are known as K-Pop idols who are close friends. Jungwoo was previously known to have been on hiatus from group activities, while Woojin was removed from the boy group Stray Kids.


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