Wonho reveals teaser for Open Mind


Wonho reveals the teaser for “Open Mind” and shows all his charm for dancing. The Highline Entertainment idol is ready for his solo debut after his time on StarShip, Wonho will meet with his fans to continue his career as an idol and his first album promises to be a success, as it is a way to give back all the support he has received after taking a new path in K-pop.

Through his social networks, Wonho revealed the teaser for “Open Mind”, the 20-second video was enough for the idol to steal the sighs of his fans, as it shows a preview of the choreography he will perform for the title track of “Love Synonym # Right For Me”, his first solo work.

Wonho will enter a game of attraction, in the scenes he appears in a luxurious room with blue silk sheets, while tossing a coin to decide his fate. Shortly after, he appears in an elevator with a white suit, while climbing floor by floor, his outfit changes to a blue suit.


The idol of Highline will show that his strength is dancing, because when the beat of the song reaches its point, Wonho appears in a room with black walls and accompanied by a group of male dancers, all dressed in black suits while executing step by step. the rhythm of the melody.

It is known that Wonho is one of the idols with one of the most attractive bodies, so he decided to wear only a leather vest that shows his abs while dancing, something that stole the hearts of more than one fan, he also performs other scenes with a red suit, while singing to a girl with an attractive voice and inviting her to “open her mind”.

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Wonho will make his re-debut to show his facet as a soloist this September 4, there are only 5 days left before he meets his fans again, in addition, one of his first songs was an open letter to them after the difficult times they went through. a few months. Are you ready?


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