Wonho reveals what he lived through when he was accused in the past


Wonho reveals what he lived through when he was accused in the past. Monbebe received one of his most emotional interviews.

After spreading the news that Wonho was never guilty of the allegations of substance use, Starship Entertainment said in a statement that they will continue to support the singer.

For his part, Monbebe hopes that Monsta X can be reinstated, although they will continue to support his solo career. They also showed their love after a very personal interview that was recently revealed.

The controversial Dispatch portal published an article related to Wonho and the situation in which he was involved a few months ago and that almost affected his career, the interview was authorized by the idol and moved Monbebe by the revelation of Wonho before the situation he lived through. .

The idol explained that what happened was his fault and he did not even want to say anything about it, because he believes that it can be considered an excuse. Wonho said that he did not consume any harmful substances, although he feels that he had not made good decisions and was living the wrong way when the events occurred.

The idol confessed that during his childhood and adolescence he did not have a good time, there was bullying and harassment by his schoolmates, he even suffered next to his family due to his financial situation and the discussions between his parents.

Wonho admits that he had not been able to value his loved ones and he just wants to do things better from now on, for the fans, as he is grateful for their support and love. The controversy was a simple misunderstanding, although he admitted that he had bad company and it was not a wise decision, but during the duration of the investigation he reflected on it.

Monbebe believes that the interview was unnecessary, as he was always innocent and they believe that he should not apologize, idols go through many things, but it does not mean that he was guilty of the charges for which he was being investigated.


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