Wonho Returns With Blue Letter, What Songs Will His Album Have?


Wonho is ready to release ‘Blue Letter’ and enchant WENEE with all his talents once again, the idol has revealed the tracklist for his next release.

Wonho is an incredible idol, with all his talents for dancing and singing he has managed to captivate millions of hearts that support and admire this great artist, not only for being good on stage ; Wonho also has a wonderful personality that shows all the characteristics of his good heart .

A year after his debut as a soloist , Wonho has much more to his fans and has prepared a new mini-album amazing, full of tracks dedicated especially for WENEE ; a letter to his fans that everyone will enjoy. Every time it takes less to listen to be able to hear it.

So if you have everything ready for this new Wonho release , you will be even more so knowing which songs ‘Blue Letter’ will contain and how many there will be.


Next September 14 will be the premiere of Wonho’s ‘Blue Letter’ , there are only a few days left to listen to the new music of the South Korean artist and he has surprised us with the tracklist for this production; ‘Blue Letter’ will have 6 original songs and 1 more in its English version .

What do you expect from this Wonho album ? ‘Blue Letter’ is already in pre-sale in several stores, do not forget to buy it and show all your love and support for this phenomenal idol who participated as a writer, composer, and producer for this new album.


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