Wonho Put All His Heart Into Blue Letter, How Will The Album Sound?


Wonho is more than ready to impress us again with his music , the idol has not stopped moving his fans with small previews for ‘Blue Letter’, his next record production and no one can wait any longer to listen to him and discover more of the incredible talents of this amazing singer .

WENEE is Wonho ‘s fandom that has not stopped supporting him since he debuted as a solo artist last year, with ‘Love Synonym’ he demonstrated much of his talent; he is a complete artist in writing , composing, and producing his songs . In addition to having an exceptional presence on stage with his magnificent singing and dancing .

Do you already know what ‘Blue Letter’ will sound like? Very soon we will have new songs from Wonho that you will love, his teaser only managed to get us even more excited for this upcoming release.


Wonho participated in each and every one of the songs that are part of ‘Blue Letter’ and the opposite could not happen since it represents a letter for his fans, the South Korean artist has put all his heart in this production to enchant all his admirers .

Amazing skills Wonho are fully perceptible in each track of ‘Blue Letter’ and will be impossible to pick just one song favorite of this upcoming album of the idol , finally, tomorrow September 14 at 6 PM, in Korea South , will be released Wonho’s second album ; be sure to listen to him so you don’t miss a single detail of his talents.


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