Wonho makes his debut with Losing You, his first solo video


Wonho makes his solo debut with “Losing You”, his new MV. After a long wait, Wenee enjoyed Wonho’s return as a solo artist, with an open-hearted song that made more than one cry. It is the first pre-release of their album, which will be released in September.

Through the YouTube platform, the agency Highline Entertainment published the video “Losing You”, Wonho’s first solo work, who decided to embark on a new path in his career as an idol and has had the support of Wenee, his new fandom.

The lyrics of the song made more than one cry, because it expresses the fear he had of losing the love of his fans, in addition, he wanted to be honest with them and reveal everything he felt when he went through the controversy against him, but until now, he hadn’t found the courage to talk about it.

Wonho also shared a letter to Wenee through his Fan-café, to thank them for all their support after a long wait, he regretted that he could not hug them during the difficult times they went through, but promised to be by her side for a long time.

After the premiere of “Losing You”, Wonho held a live broadcast and sang an acoustic version of his new song, Wenee shared various messages of support and congratulations on her new stage as a solo artist.

Despite leaving his group activity behind, the idol was afraid of losing his fandom, before himself, as described by the lyrics “Losing You”. His album will be released on September 4 and is titled “Love Synonym”, whose lead single will be “Right for me”.

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