Wonho joins a new agency and launches official twitter account


Wonho joins a new agency and launches official twitter account. Don’t miss any of the updates on this idol who has started a solo career.

After announcing that he will be part of a new agency, Wonho has also launched his social networks for this new stage in his career , events that have motivated fans of idol and MONSTA X to show him their love and support, wishing him the best. in your next activities.

Monbebes around the world are happy to have Wonho back on the music scene and, although his plans are not to resume activities with the group, he has already started working on the future that lies ahead. This idol has previously shown that he has great talent and with his charisma he has won the hearts of many, so knowing that he will continue to share his skills with the world is excellent news.


Wonho is now part of Highline Entertainment , where he has signed a contract to work as a producer and also as a solo artist, this opportunity will give the idol the opportunity to show many of his facets during his work and his fans cannot wait any longer to enjoy your voice in new tunes.

As part of this new beginning, Wonho has launched some social networks through which he will keep all his fans informed about his plans and activities , therefore, we recommend that you start following him and prepare for everything that comes in his career. For now, this idol has announced his account on Instagram, Twitter and Fancafe, so you can follow him on any of them to receive his updates.


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