Wonho is found not guilty and Monbebe celebrates his return


Wonho is found not guilty and Monbebe celebrates his return. The company assured that it will give its full support.

After several months of waiting and support, Monbebe finally received good news about the future of Wonho , who decided to leave Monsta X after the controversy against him.

The singer was unfairly accused in the past, but the idol decided to abandon his position in the group so as not to affect his peers and his reputation. Since then, the fandom created several hashtags in support and their situation was resolved last night. We tell you what we know.


Through a statement , the company Starship Entertainment announced that the accusations against Wonho were dropped, the singer was never guilty, but since there was an investigation, his career was affected.

However, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency withdrew all charges against him after finding nothing to blame him for. The agency assured that it will continue to support Wonho , they will give him their full support to continue his career in the future. Will he return to Monsta X?


Following the company’s statements, Monbebe celebrated the news on social media through the hashtag #WonhoIsAlmostHome, the fandom is excited to reunite with the idol again. Until now, it is not known if as a soloist or if there is a possibility that he will reinstate himself as an official member of Monsta X.

For the moment, Monbebe demands an apology from the Dispatch media, since the portal published several articles against the idol when the controversy broke out.



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