Wonho Charms Wenee With New Photos For Blue Letter


Wonho is ready to release his next work and the idol does not stop generating expectation in WENEE so that he does not miss any details of ‘Blue Letter’.

‘Blue Letter’ will be a very special album for all fan of Wonho , the idol made its appearance in Heize Diary , a program of Naver NOW where he could talk about his next release and confessed that he was totally dedicated to his fans , as a letter for them.

The idol also celebrated his first year as a soloist and was very happy thinking about all the support and love that his fans have given him in his work, he has worked hard for his music and has shown the incredible talent he has for singing and dancing. at all times; Wonho is undoubtedly an exceptional artist .

Very soon, we will have Wonho’s new music and we will be able to enjoy even more all the brilliance of this idol , in addition to knowing everything he prepared for WENEE and he does not stop moving his fandom with teasers so as not to lose track of ‘Blue Letter ‘.


Wonho’s ‘Blue Letter’ premieres on September 14 and his fans are all set to receive this new album full of great songs , but Wonho still shows a little more with photos from his upcoming release to excite the hearts of his fanbase .

Wonho looks great in his new photos and without a doubt ‘Blue Letter’ will impact everyone in the K-Pop world , it will be a great comeback for the idol; We can’t wait any longer for the premiere of this new album and listen to all the songs that Hoseok has prepared for everyone.

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