Wonho celebrates his birthday with Monbebe’s love


The fandom continues to show all its support for the idol.

Although the idol is no longer part of Monsta X, Monbebe continues to support and demonstrate his love for Wonho.

Today is a very special day for him and the fandom, as Wonho celebrates his 27th birthday (28 years old Korean), fans sent many congratulatory messages and remembered each of his moments in the group.

Through the hashtag #HBDtoWONHO and #HopeToSeeYouWonDay , Monbebe has shown that his support and love remain intact despite the sad news they suffered a few months ago, Wonho is still part of their hearts and the memory of MONSTA X.


The fandom wants May your day be very special and trust that you will never be alone, for Monbebe remembers all the words of encouragement he once shared with them and they hope that one day they will see him again on stage.


After a controversy against him, Wonho was forced to leave the group, so far, it is not known if his activities as an idol will continue alone, but Monbebe awaits his return, they have even continued with their support campaigns on social networks.

Congratulations, Wonho!

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