Wonderbox: The new game of the Horizon Chase studio


The Brazilian developer Aquiris Game Studios, from the acclaimed Horizon Chase Turbo, announced its newest game, Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker, focused on adventure and creation experiences. The title will be exclusive to Apple Arcade, intended for all audiences who enjoy more interactive and challenging gambling, placing players to explore maps full of traps and puzzles.

The company’s new game will mix elements of platform, strategy and map creation. With a concept similar to that of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Nintendo Switch and 3DS, Wonderbox will tell adventures in a magical universe with enemies and many challenges, where the player must explore the best routes to collect treasures and escape from the numerous threats.

Each time the map is restarted, the elements will be located in a completely different layout, being an experience to be repeated several times without ever delivering the same gameplay. Wonderbox also has a Creative Mode that will allow the edition of personalized boxes, each one with its own characteristics, which can be combined to form complex and unique phases.

With the possibility of playing online with up to 4 friends and sharing editions between the party and the Apple cloud, the new game from Aquiris promises to be very different and full of news.


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