Wonder Woman Turns 80; Learn More About The DC Character


Wonder Woman: Created during World War II and adopted as a pop culture icon, Wonder Woman, a DC superhero, turns 80 with a “little body of 20” and a lot of stories to tell. The Amazon, who appeared in comics, has participated in films and series and has been immortalized in the most diverse items, such as dolls, jewelry and in the collective imagination.

October 21, 1941 was the first for Wonder Woman in DC Comics. The character debuted in All Star Comics #8 with the story Introducing Wonder Woman. Since then, Princess Diana of Themyscira – an island paradise –, known for the civil identity of Diana Prince, has never lost her place in DC stories and in the hearts of fans.

With roots in Greek mythology, Wonder Woman has had its story changed a few times. In the most recent version, she is the biological daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta and is a true “porr* woman”: her physique doesn’t deny her Amazon origin; Diana is a strong warrior with superhuman gifts who fights for peace in a predominantly male world.

Wonder Woman’s Powers

Wonder Woman is one of the founding members of the Justice League and doesn’t lag behind her male counterparts: she has super strength, super speed, sharp reflexes and unusual stamina. As if that wasn’t enough, heroin still flies.

In addition to all these credentials, Diana is still super-intelligent — Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, has given her above-normal intelligence and the power of strategy. Oh, and she still has the beauty of the goddess Aphrodite. Little thing, is it?

The Amazon is also able to communicate with animals and has great empathy, which makes her a good diplomat. But when diplomacy ends, she has other resources to fall back on: her noose of truth, a weapon that forces captives to open their mouths, and her submission bracelets, which were made from the remnants of Zeus’ shield, are super strong and protect it. Even her beautiful royal tiara has powers: it serves as a boomerang and is capable of injuring even Kryptonianians.


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