Wonder Woman 1984: the meaning of the scene


After a long wait, Wonder Woman 1984 finally reached some movie theaters around the world and also at HBO Max, on the 25th. The second solo film by the DC Amazon is also the middle of a trilogy, already confirmed by Warner, who will bring Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot for one last adventure – at least for now – of Princess Diana in the world of men.

However, there is a possibility that one more character will return. In the post-credits scene of the film, a woman walks through a street fair when a wooden pole falls on a baby carriage. The woman ends up saving the day, holding the pole and preventing a tragedy. After this happens, the child’s mother appears and asks the name of the mysterious heroine. She then turns to the camera and it is possible to see that the actress is none other than Lynda Carter and reveals that her name is Asteria.

And who is this mysterious woman? In the comics, Asteria was a character who had few lines in a Justice Society story. However, in Wonder Woman 1984, Jenkins offered a more detailed history. During the film, Diana says that Asteria was the warrior who freed the Amazons from slavery in the world of men. The heroine even reveals that she searched for Asteria, but all she found was her armor, the same one that Diana wore in the final sequence, during the fight against the Leopard Woman.

The post-credit scene indicates that Asteria is not only alive, but she has acted to defend humanity, just as Diana does as well. Of course, it may just be an easter egg for fans. It is worth remembering that Lynda Carter lived the heroine in the television series shown between 1975 and 1979.

However, it is possible that Jenkins will use the character for the final chapter of the Wonder Woman saga in theaters. This does not mean that the next film will have any direct connection to the series, but it does indicate that Asteria may have an important role, perhaps as a mentor to Diana. After all, it was she who liberated the Amazons, and she has also been in the world of men for much longer.

Another possibility is that Warner will invest in a spin-off derived from Wonder Woman, telling the adventures of Asteria in different moments of humanity. That would also depend on the character appearing in the next film, because there is not enough material about her in the comics to support a complete story. If Warner decides to go that route – which would make sense, as it needs content for HBO Max -, it would have the advantage of being able to work with the character any way he wanted, from what the film presents.

Regardless of how it will be used (if it really does), Lynda Carter’s cameo is a special gift for fans of the character. Her series was not very popular during the period that aired, however, over time, Carter became an important symbol for Wonder Woman’s legacy and influenced Patty Jenkins in her two Princess Diana films. It would be a special tribute to have her in the next feature, as well as being able to open important doors for the character on HBO Max.


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