Wonder Woman 1984: check out the main holes the script


The DC cinematic universe is undergoing a reformulation and, increasingly, is moving towards a future without much connection between the films. Perhaps that will change with the arrival of The Batman, but for the moment, what the studio seems to be trying to offer are more episodic films, with stories focused on specific characters and not on a shared universe.

With that, director Patty Jenkins allowed herself to ignore some events from the past in her recent Wonder Woman 1984. The film focuses on her own story, and shows Diana (Gal Gadot) hunting down Max Lord (Pedro Pascal) to recover a mysterious stone back. The heroine has help from Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), who she wished to return to another man’s body, however, she will also need to deal with Barbara Minerva (Kristen Wiig), a friend who turns against them, after gaining her powers. stone that brought Trevor back.

Below, we present some of the holes in the film’s script and how it seems to distance itself from the universe imagined by Zack Snyder for DC films.

Diana’s flying power

In Batman vs. Superman: The Origin of Justice, Snyder establishes that Wonder Woman does not have the ability to fly. This was also featured in the first solo heroine film, when the most she can do is levitate close to the ground during the final battle against Ares. In Wonder Woman 1984, Jenkins uses a dialogue between Diana and Trevor, in which he explains how he did flying, and from there, Gal Gadot’s character learns to fly.


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