Women in the NFT Ecosystem and NFT Collections Managed by Women!


I can say that women are in the minority in the crypto money ecosystem, as in every field. However, at this point, I should also mention that women have made very rapid progress compared to other fields. We hear the name of women very often now, whether in the field of investment, mining, or the newly developing NFT and metaverse field.

In addition, NFTs about women and created by women are also making a big impact. Let’s take a look at these NFT projects…

NFT Projects Led by Women

Sad Girls Bar: Meeting with enthusiasts in 2021, Sad Girls Bar was created by Glam Beckett, who describes himself as a “sensitive dark artist”. This collection consists of 10,000 pieces and the floor price is 0.25 ETH. It can be stated that the number of people who own this project is 4,800.

Crypto Chicks: Behind this extremely colorful NFT collection is Ms Polly, an NFT artist. The floor price of this NFT collection of 10,000 pieces currently stands at 1.9 ETH. Crypto Chicks is a collection developed to celebrate the unique and diverse beauty of all women around the world.

World of Women: The NFT collection led by Yam Karkai is one of the most popular female-led NFT collections. This collection, like the others, consists of 10,000 pieces and the floor price is 8.4 ETH. The collection was created to represent different and strong women.

Boss Beauties: Boss Beuties was founded over the last 10 years by people who aim to educate women and girls, and aims to spread positivity to women around the world. In the project, it can be stated that there are 10,000 unique pieces when the floor price is at the level of 3.3 ETH.

Women Rise: Women Rise was created by internationally acclaimed visual artist Maliha Abidi and quickly became very popular. The floor price in the collection consisting of 10,000 different pieces is at the level of 0.97 ETH. According to the statements made, Women Rise represents women scientists, activists, artists, coders and more.

Women and NFTs

According to the data obtained, only 16% of NFTs on the market are created by women. NFTs are a very new field and the cryptocurrency ecosystem is essentially male-dominated. Therefore, it is noteworthy that women are progressing so rapidly in the field of NFT.

In addition, the vast majority of men in the cryptocurrency ecosystem support women. It is expected that women will take part in this field much more in the future, both because women are taking firm steps and there is no place for the discourse of “with the dough of their hands” in the crypto money ecosystem.