Woman with “the smallest waist in the world”


An Asian woman has gone viral on Instagram and other social networks for having the “smallest waist in the world”, here we tell you her story.

A Southeast Asian woman has gone viral for having a waist that measures just 13.7 inches, making her one of the smallest waists in the world, unusual measures that have made her enormously popular on social media.

This is Su Naing, a woman from Maynmar, in Southeast Asia, who claims she has a waist with a circumference of only 13.7 inches, which means she has one of the smallest waists in the world, which is why It has recently gone viral on Instagram.

The 23-year-old says that her waist comes from having a naturally thin frame and small proportions. Proud of her small body, the student often shares photos of her enviable waist on Instagram.

Woman goes viral on Instagram for her tiny waist

Although the woman with the smallest waist in the world receives tons of “likes” and compliments in her Instagram account posts, the young Asian woman has faced accusations of making edits to her images to look like this, and some have even said he has removed his ribs to achieve his appearance.

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However, regardless of the negative comments, Su has insisted that her body is completely natural and her waist of envy is due to her healthy diet and genetically small structure. However, experts in the field claim that a “healthy” waist is 31.5 inches or less.

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It is worth mentioning that Ethel Grander, who was from the United Kingdom and holds the Guinness World Record, continues to hold the title of smallest waist, since her waist measured only 13 inches. However, this had been a lifelong ambition for Ethel and she had to have a waist training with corsets for her figure to be like an hourglass.


And it is because of the hourglass figure that this young Asian has gone viral on social networks. Leave us in the comments below if you think Su Naing’s waist is fake or if you think she is authentic and the woman is looking to break the record set by Ethel Grander.


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