Woman refuses to wear a mask, spits at a young man


The young man asked the woman to put on the mask, but she refused and spat in his face, despite the coronavirus pandemic.

A viral video has circulated on social networks that has caused great astonishment, not only because of the behavior of a woman who refused to wear a mask, but also because of the reaction that a young man had as a response while both were in a truck in Canada.

In recent months, videos of people getting angry about having to wear face masks have flooded social media. Although face masks are usually uncomfortable and warm, they must be used to prevent further spread of the coronavirus.

Unfortunately, despite the terrible numbers of Covid-19 infections around the world, there are people who still do not take the necessary measures to avoid contagion or infect others.

The woman without a mask spat at the young man

Recently a video, recorded in Vancouver, Canada, that shows a woman furious because a young man asked her to put on a mask, went viral on networks. Such was her anger that instead of complying with the request she decided to spit in the boy’s face.

After this repulsive act, the young man reacted violently and pushed her to throw her off the bus. The Vancouver police are already investigating the incident and the video posted on social networks will be used as evidence of the events, according to Somagnews.

“We are aware of the video, our general investigation unit is now investigating, which includes contacting the person who posted the video,” said Sgt. Clint Hampton.

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After the fact, the bus company asked users not to directly confront passengers who do not use the mask, although it is a mandatory rule for all people who use the service during the coronavirus pandemic.


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