Woman dies in China’s Covid-19 vaccine trial


A woman involved in the trial vaccine against the Covid-19, but unfortunately could not resist the dose and died.

A woman participant Peru in the clinical trial of the vaccine covid-19 Chinese laboratory Sinopharm died of pneumonia caused by the coronavirus an event that does not mean at all that the vaccine is ineffective, warned Tuesday responsible for research .

It is worth mentioning that hours after the death of the woman, the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia (UPCH), in charge of the study which involved the victim revealed that received a placebo instead of the actual vaccine, which is common in this kind of essays. In this university they concurred 6000 volunteered to participate in the clinical trial vaccine Sinopharm, to which 2,000 was inoculated elaborate strain vaccine of the SARS-CoV-2 Wuhan virus, another 2,000 strain Beijing and another 2,000 were administered a placebo.

Mariela dies in the test vaccine

A receiving placebo and not be immunized, the woman developed infectious picture of covid-19 regularly and complicated to diabetes suffer and hypertension, two risk factors associated with most of the deaths from this disease in Peru, as said German Malaga, principal investigator clinical trial.

For its part, the university said the volunteer was diagnosed and treated since the beginning of the disease, then you are dealt an early hospitalization and later, when his condition got worse, had access to a mechanical ventilator unit intensive care (ICU).

The Center for Studies and Research explained that the woman received all the care given to treat this disease and complications of her and she was fighting for her life more than a week, but she could beat the brunt of it.

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