Woman coughing to Uber driver arrested in USA


Two women were arrested in San Francisco, California, for assault and theft against an Uber driver, in addition to disregarding the social distance rules in force in the region because of the covid-19 pandemic.

Arna Kimiai and Malaysia King, both 24, presented themselves to the police this week after the complaint made by driver Subhakar Khadka, a 32-year-old Nepalese man who has been working to support his family and has been in the country for eight years.

The video recorded by Khadka from the car dashboard shows the crimes committed by the young women. At a certain point in the journey, he realized that one of the suspects, Arna, was without the mandatory mask for the running of the race.

When respectfully asking the young woman to put on the mask to proceed, he was attacked by the passenger, who even removed Khadka’s mask and simulated a cough close to her face. She also tried to steal the driver’s cell phone, and after they got out of the car, one of the young women attacked the driver with a substance that was probably pepper spray.

According to the driver, he was the target of racist insults and threats of aggression, with passengers saying they would call family members to join the fight.

Punishment on the way

Police set a $ 75,000 bond for Arna and have yet to set a trial date. According to the Futurism website, the young woman could face a maximum sentence of up to 20 years in prison because of the accumulation of crimes committed, which include attempted theft, assaulting a traffic professional and various disrespect for state policies in the midst of the pandemic.

The passenger was banned from Uber, while the driver will receive donations after the start of a crowdfunding campaign on the GoFundMe platform, which has already raised more than $ 101,000.


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