Woman Attacked Twitch Streamer for Filming


A Twitch streamer was forced to flee for safety reasons after he was attacked during a live broadcast on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in California.

It’s no secret that when you broadcast in real life, you run the risk that someone or something will create problems during the broadcast.

More recently, a Twitch streamer was chased around the market, and another was accidentally bitten by a child.

QuiteLola, a German IRL streamer, unfortunately learned the hard way what can happen during a public broadcast.

A Twitch streamer was attacked by a random woman during the broadcast
Walking around Los Angeles, California, Twitch streamer QuiteLola decided to take a walk along the popular Hollywood “Walk of Fame”.

Apparently, one of the passers-by around her was not a fan of her stream and attacked the German creator, telling her to turn off the video and delete it.

Pretty Lola managed to attract the attention of the authorities, who allowed her to stand next to them for security purposes. She explained that the lady chased her, threatened her and almost hit her in the face.

The situation was quickly resolved after she pointed out the woman to the authorities, and the Twitch streamer was able to continue her broadcast in real time without any problems.

This is not the first time that QuiteLola finds himself in a difficult situation during the broadcast. Back in January, she burst into tears after a stranger forcibly kissed her during a stream at home in Germany.

Let’s hope that Lola stays safe during her trip to California, and she won’t have another serious meeting, no matter where she decides to broadcast from.


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