Wolverine’s Original “Old Man Logan” Turned His Healing into a Nightmare


Thanks to his impressive healing factor, Wolverine can quickly recover from any attack, no matter how serious his injury is, plus he has an unnaturally long lifespan that allows him to practically live forever, even through post-apocalyptic events like in Old Man Logan. . While the inability to die seemed like a curse to Logan in the pages of this particular storyline, given the grim reality he was forced to endure, his first experience of living in a futuristic wasteland made his life in Old Man Logan preferable as it changed his healing. factor in an absolute nightmare.

The action of “Wolverine: Old Man Logan” by Mark Miller, Steve McNiven and Dexter Vines takes place in a world where Marvel villains have defeated all the superheroes on the planet and declared the world their own. Since the Red Skull acted as the “president” on the territory of the United States, the country was divided into factions controlled by a number of powerful villains, and the rest of the world fell into a similar power structure. Logan lives in the territory ruled by the Hulk after Bruce Banner went crazy and turned into a sadistic cannibal monster. Throughout the story, Wolverine manages to defeat some of the villains responsible for turning the world into a wasteland, but he was powerless to prevent the Hulk from killing his entire family, turning his already miserable existence into an eternal hell.

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Matt Broome’s short story “X-Men: Visions of the Millennium #1” “The Last Survivor” details a chain of events similar to the one that happened to Old Man Logan, although much more catastrophic. After every Avenger except Thor dies in a war on the other side of the galaxy, dubbed the Kree-Dedemon War, Thor leaves Earth completely and returns to Asgard, and is never seen again. In a world without superheroes, anti-mutant extremists come to power, including the famous hate-monger Graydon Creed, who becomes president. Under his leadership, the United States is plunged into an era of anti—mutant hysteria, which causes an immediate backlash from extremist mutant groups such as the Brotherhood of Mutants – a chain of events that causes gene wars. In order to defeat the mutants and win the war for humanity, a group of scientists, on the instructions of President Creed, managed to create a toxin that will eliminate all exposed mutants, a poison known as M-toxin. As soon as the M-toxin is released on Earth, mutants almost die out, and the world plunges into chaos, which leads to a nuclear catastrophe that destroys almost all life on the planet, whether mutant or someone else.

In this storyline, the end of the world occurred on December 22, 2003, but the mass extinction did not affect everyone on the planet. A little over fifty years later, on January 16, 2054, Wolverine wakes up in a post-apocalyptic world in which there is nothing but death and destruction. Wolverine’s healing factor protected him from both M-toxin and radioactive radiation. The world in which Wolverine woke up was completely devoid of life, as he did not see any signs of another living creature until 2073, but the life he found is more terrible than death, as a new kind of flying mutated monsters appeared, which he called Whales. created from radiation. Ultimately, this proves that Logan’s fate is extremely bleak and extremely harsh.

While Old Man Logan’s world is bleak, Wolverine can still find some semblance of happiness with his newfound family—at least for a while—and society as a whole still has the potential to rebuild and become a world worth living in. again. The future that Logan is forced to endure in “The Last Survivor”, however, is devoid of any hope, since the world has really plunged into a living hell, and the healing factor of Wolverine forced him to experience it all forever.