Wolverine V2, review for Xbox Series.


We analyze exclusively for Spain the new Razer Wolverine for Xbox. A command that takes important steps forward on several fronts.

Razer continues to advance the next generation of consoles. If at the premiere of Xbox Series X | S we presented their new Kaira and Kaira Pro helmets, which we were able to analyze in Meristation, now it is the turn of Wolverine V2, the second version of the controller designed for Microsoft platforms and which wants to compete directly with command of the new Series. Reasons for doing so have. After several days with the command, we tell you exclusively in Spain what the new Razer control offers, which goes on sale for 119.99 euros.

The first thing that stands out from the control when it is in our hands is its ergonomic design, extremely comfortable. Both due to the non-slip grips and the back shape of the control: it generates a pronounced gap between the ends of the control and the back area where the fingers that we do not use rest that allows us to accommodate our hands perfectly. The feeling is that the design is designed so that we can easily connect both hands. On the weight, it is quite light: 274 grams. Overall, the new design seems more compact and successful compared to the first Wolverine, which although it is also comfortable, has a much more different and risky shape.

The controller has three meters of cable, two extra buttons in the upper area, the possibility of locking the triggers and an input for a jack cable, all with an Xbox-style arrangement: left stick up and right stick, down. The sensations they transmit are of quality due to the components, and it makes a difference with the type of buttons that it offers us, of the mechanical style (mecha-tactile, as they say in the company itself) and that offer an immediate and precise response. For its part, the crosshead also has this mechanical system, and the progress is most relevant.

With the shape of a cross, the mecha-tactile system for the crosshead allows us to mark much better and with precision the movements we want to perform both in fighting games and in 2D platforms. The feeling of being marking the direction we want at all times is very satisfactory, and although the diagonals surely do not have the level of precision that we can see in the Xbox Series controller with its new d-pad proposal, the answer here is totally optimal.

On the other hand, the analog sticks move smoothly, have no dead spots and give the expected response, in addition to a slightly larger diameter than the Series control that also respond without any problem. In general, the entire command is designed in such a way that there is no fault between what we want to do and what appears on the screen, clearly beyond our ability. Even the extra top buttons, which can be assigned to various buttons, are more easily accessible than other Razer controllers, thanks to the much more compact design of this one.

Of course, being a proposal of these characteristics, we cannot pass up that we would have liked to already have some buttons or rear cams. Finally, the function of blocking the movement of the triggers to shoot at maximum power when we want it is a brand addition of the house that is appreciated especially in shooters, where emptying the magazine faster than the rival can make a difference.


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