Wolverine has perfected his healing factor by completely sacrificing his dignity


Although Wolverine’s healing factor is one of the most powerful in the world, it still has its limits. It has been proven that incineration and decay can permanently kill Logan, as well as drowning and suffocation pose a serious threat to his well-being. In the future of the “Days of the Past Future” of the X-Men, Wolverine was even killed by an enhanced Guardian. However, there is one situation where his healing factor is really perfect, able to collect him in a second, even when he is incinerated by one of the greatest forces of the multiverse.

Version Wolverines with such stunning abilities are Volvi, a member of the Adorable X-Babes. X-Babies are artificial creatures created by Mr. Veach in a pocket dimension known as Mojoverse. Although the Adorable X—Babies were created to entertain a diverse audience, they later settled peacefully in another reality only for their version of Wolverine to be recruited into Exile to eliminate the threat posed by Kang the Time Eater – a combined form of Galactus and Kang the Conqueror.

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Cute but cowardly, Wolverine was specially created to be a child-friendly Wolverine, and his body tends to obey the rules of reality, where violence and death are impossible. The adorable X-Babies cannot be seriously injured — when Volvi is wounded by a blade, his suit is torn, but his skin remains flawless — and possess broader, more understandable versions of the mutant abilities of their masterminds. In Wolverine’s case, this means that he has the final version of Wolverine’s healing. This is shown in “Exiles #4” by Saladin Ahmed and Javier Rodriguez when Volvi confronts Kang the Time Eater. Possessing the power of versions of Galactus from several realities, the Time Eater instantly destroys Wolverine, only for the cartoon version of Wolverine to instantly “jump out” back unharmed. Even with the cosmic power that allows him to absorb entire realities, the Time Eater cannot destroy Volvi and is instead forced to imprison him.

While Wolverine’s abilities allowed him to survive after his skin and muscles were burned by the villain Nitro, Logan takes a significant amount of time to recover the biological material lost as a result of injury, and it is generally believed that if his bone marrow (the source of his healing) burns, he cannot regenerate. None of this applies to the Exiled Wolf, which heals completely and instantly a moment after disintegration.

Unfortunately, despite this power boost, the original Wolverine probably wouldn’t want to know that Wolverine is in the multiverse. Obsessed with childish ideas and inclined to run away and hide from more terrible opponents, Volvi is the complete opposite of the gray-haired and tough attitude of the original. Worse, as a member of the Exiles, Volvi constantly jumps between realities, which means that people across the multiverse now associate Wolverine’s costume and abilities with his sickeningly cute copy.

There are many different iterations of any person in the vastness of the multiverse, and fans have met many of Wolverine (in fact, they even formed their own deadly team to fight alongside the previous version of the Exiles). a version that will most likely get under the skin of the original Logan, as despite his god-leveled, reality-defying version of Wolverine’s healing factor, his simpering look and cowardly reaction to danger defy everything that the wild man of the X-Men is. o.


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