Wolverine & Colossus Adamantium improvements have made it truly indestructible


A fictional Marvel Comics alloy called adamantium is an almost indestructible metal closely related to the X-Men hero, Wolverine, and ahead of the dark future storyline, both he and Colossus receive improvements from adamantium that dwarf their current selves. !

As seen in X-Men: Millennial Visions #2, released in 2001, this question acts as a kind of “What If?” special that gives fans ideas for short stories and artwork that have never been in the “mainstream” Marvel X-Men timeline. And in a story by Jeff Jones and Ethan Van Skiver called “X-Men: Rebirth,” these creators have brought to life a future in which two iconic X-Men heroes will receive the improvements they rightfully deserve.

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As described on the page with the text, the action of this dark timeline takes place in the then future of 2006, when, after capturing and abusing the mental abilities of Professor X, the villain of the X-Men from the Apocalypse manages to activate the hidden abilities of more than 200,000 mutants around the world. , killing Xavier in the process. Through small notes about the remaining X-Men and how they lived after the death of their mentor, readers are informed that both Wolverine and Colossus suffered the same fate associated with the infamous Weapon X program.

Discovered by Wolverine when he was held captive by Weapon X, it is said that thanks to the intervention of Weapon X, Colossus is now “forever composed of solid adamantium.” Meanwhile, after being recaptured by Weapon X himself, Wolverine spent three years experimenting, as a result of which his teeth and muscles became “impregnated with adamantium.” And by improving the already robust nature of Wolverine and Colossus, Weapon X inadvertently created two of the most indestructible heroes in the long history of the indestructible mutants of the X-Men!

Acting as a long overdue update for Colossus, the fact that he has yet to take advantage of a world where overly strong metals such as adamantium, vibranium and even their new combined alloy called mysterium are readily available to strengthen him. upgrading seems easier than anything else, especially considering the increase in power and durability that Colossus gets from metallization doesn’t seem to be as effective as before. When it comes to Wolverine, he may actually welcome adamantium teeth, as Black Panther got him into trouble with his own adamantium teeth at the recent Phoenix Tournament. Furthermore, with Wolverine’s muscles imbued with this famous metal, he will not only become stronger and faster, but will certainly be able to withstand even more blows, as his iconic mutant regeneration abilities don’t have to work as hard as the rest of his body. now contains more adamantium than ever before.

So, although this dark future never came in the main X-Men continuity, the idea that Wolverine will be even more active from Adamantium when upgrading Colossus to incalculable levels of strength and power is still interesting. Wolverine and Colossus from the X-Men are stronger than most, but with these improvements, no one will be able to touch them.