Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Returns With A Free 20th Anniversary Campaign


Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, The multiplayer game born from a mod for the mythical Return to Castle Wolfenstein receives this 2021 a single player campaign to celebrate its anniversary. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, the mythical multiplayer video game born from Return to Castle Wolfenstein as a standalone mod, this year receives its own single-player campaign known simply as Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory – Single-Player. This has been announced by its creator, William Faure, confirming that it will be available on modDB on November 19 and on Steam on November 30, so that both dates coincide with the original release of Return to Castle Wolfenstein two decades later. in the United States and Europe, respectively.

New campaign with cooperative mode

Thus, the modder responsible for this new addition to the multiplayer video game itself arising from a Return to Castle Wolfenstein mod has been working for years on the single-player campaign known as Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory – Single-Player. Although it should be noted that despite the title that specifies the nature of the game for a single player, this new content can also be played in cooperative mode with a second player thanks to an upcoming update that its manager plans to release after the launch of the game. own campaign.

And the best of all is that all this extra content will be totally free; Of course, of course, to enjoy Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory – Single-Player it will be mandatory to have an original copy of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, the video game that houses the base of these mods.

Be that as it may, those who are interested in all these news for the most classic aspect of a saga that is currently experiencing a second youth at the hands of MachineGames and Bethesda, can now visit the official page of the Splahs Damage game and know all the details to receive in November a new campaign based on so beloved franchise; and free.