Wolf Among Us 2 Reveals News About The Story And Setting


Wolf Among Us 2: As promised by Telltale Games, the latest issue of Game Informer brings some exclusive details about The Wolf Among Us 2. Some of these news are already being shared on the internet, offering a little bit of detail about what the game’s setting and story will be like.

The tweet above comes from Shinobi602, an account known on Twitter for its posts about the gaming world. According to what he says, in free translation, The Wolf Among Us 2:

It takes 6 months after the first game
It happens during the winter, all over New York City
Fully in production, script is finished and mocap running
Unreal engine helped to greatly optimize development
It’s not a lot of information, but it’s a very important one. It’s interesting to know when the game will be played and what the general mood will be like. It’s also really important to know that development is progressing – especially after fans became so concerned that Telltale had to let them know they would be talking about the game soon.

The mocap stage means that actors are already being captured in those funny outfits to enjoy their movements and help with the animations.

Another interesting fact is how the switch to Unreal Engine seems to have helped the game’s development. Telltale used its own engine for their games, the Telltale Tool, but it seems that switching to one of the most established graphics engines in the world was a good decision.

More news about The Wolf Among Us 2 should be released early next year. Maybe we will finally have a release date.