WM Entertainment Will Release Webtoon Oh My Girl, B1A4 and ONF


WM Entertainment Agency has collaborated with KT’s KTOON webtoon platform. The cooperation contract was signed by both parties on Thursday yesterday, to collaborate in the field of content and marketing.

Later KT will collaborate with WM Entertainment in making the artist’s webtoon, including Oh My Girl, B1A4 and ONF.

The webtoon prologue titled ‘Sometoon x Oh My Girl’ will be released on April 14, 2020, ahead of the comeback of Oh My Girl at the end of April.

This webtoon will tell the true story and daily life of the members of Oh My Girl.

‘Sometoon’ itself is a webtoon series created by Mojito Mojichan based on stories from readers, which now has more than 600 episodes.

What do you think about Oh My Girl members if you make a webtoon character?


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