“Without words”: Eva Benetatu is shocked by Sommerhaus-Patrick


Evantia Benetat (30) does not like his behavior at all! The reality TV star is well aware of the disadvantages of living together in the Summer House of Stars. Last season, she lived in a celebrity apartment with Andrei Mangold (35), who allowed her to be rejected in The Bachelor. There were two violently shaking each other. This year, Patrick Romer (26) especially made a noise with his behavior – and Eva didn’t like it at all!

In her Instagram story, Eva was particularly annoyed by Patrick’s relationship with his girlfriend Antonia Hemmer (22): “Antonia is trembling with fear that she won’t do anything wrong. Do you have to hurt your partner like that?” The 30-year-old man is referring to the rude tone that the farmer likes to use in the series. His extreme ambitions made Antonia cry bitterly. Seine Partnerin zum Weinen zu bringen, ist für Eva ein absolutes No-Go: “Ich weiß, ihr kennt so was nicht von mir und ich äußere mich äußerst selten oder ergreife Partei, aber da kann ich einfach nicht meinen Mund halten [… ] without words.”

Antonia and Patrick had previously shocked viewers with their heated arguments. Most of all, the fans were infuriated by the fact that Antonia was doubting herself more and more from the criticism of her partner. And fellow candidates, such as Sasha Melders, also criticize the behavior of the cattleman: “I was partially shocked by the way you treat your girlfriend.”


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